As cremation services become a more widely selected option, the practices associated with cremation are also evolving. Today, you often have the same services accompanying a cremation that are found with a traditional burial.  The options for placement of physical remains (cremains) are also increasing. With cremations, you will make many of the same decisions you would make with a traditional funeral service:

  • Most families choose to have a service of some type to celebrate the life of their loved one. Through this memorial, permission is given to say good-bye, to grieve with others, to share memories, and to begin the healing.
  • Do you want a traditional funeral service with the remains present prior to cremation, or a memorial service without the remains present?
  • What personal tributes, such as a video, would you like to include?
  • What kind of visitation arrangements would be appropriate for your family?
  • Where will the remains be laid to rest? A traditional gravesite may be used, with a headstone or memorial that’s the same as a traditional burial. Some families choose to scatter cremated remains at a favorite location (with proper permission), or keep the remains in an urn.
  • What kind of urn or container would you like to use for final remains?

We believe it is important for our families to know that once their loved one is brought into our care, for us, they never leave our care. This is just one more way Tibbs Funeral Home & Cremation offers the most personalized service available in our area.  Contact Us, for further assistance.

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